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An electrician is vital to the overall running of any building.

The role of an electrician includes fitting, testing and repairing electrical circuits and wiring found in homes and businesses.

As an electrician you may be involved in installing lighting and switches in a house or street lighting and traffic lights. Installing, maintaining and repairing electrical systems in buildings such as fire and security systems as well as testing electrical systems at regular intervals are common tasks performed by electricians.

As an electrician you can choose to work as a domestic electrician or an industrial electrician. You can also work on your own or as part of a team.

A trades training specialist will help you to make the right choice taking into account the skills you have and the type of job you want to do. To receive more information you just need to fill in the form and a trades training specialist will contact you.


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- Minimum age requirement is from 19 years.
- Courses start from as little as £20/week.

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